Health Blog

by Rebecca Powell

Health Coach

Health Coach

So as a Health COACH I studied at the School of a Integrative Nutrition in NYC, not only is it the largest Nutrition School in the World, what really makes it a stand alone is the fact that we focus on both Primary Foods and Secondary Foods (primary foods being non-food nourishment, through your Career, Relationships, Spirituality and Physical Activity. 

When people think of "Healthy" they get fooled and trapped into the cycle of thinking food, food, food, must eat little calories and healthy green food! Well, of course that IS a part of it (not the little calories part of course) but nourishing your "Soul" through PRIMARY food is actually fundamental to overall great health!

Health Coaches believe that when all is in balance with your career, your home life, your spirituality and exercise then your food choices will just flow naturally from there......that's why I came up with my business name "HappySoul-HealthyBowl" as I truly believe if you are inwardly balanced and happy then you will want to load your bowl with balanced and nutritious foods! 

Think about it, when you were a child and you used to play outdoors with friends for hours and your mum would have to shout you in (a out 10 times) for food --- when you are distracted and having fun, then food is an after thought --- BUT when we are stressed and unhappy in a certain aspects of our lives (out of Balance) then we reach for food (generally junk foods) to fill that gap and make us "happy". 

Does that ring true for you??!!

If you are NOT happy in your life, then make a must love what you do, how can you change it?? You must inject a feeling of worth into your life and career --- can you get promotion? Or can you add something into your job to make it more suited to you?? Can you do a study course on an evening (in a subject your are passionate in) to boost your self worth??

Physical activity is so great for a Happy boost, and a happy mindset -- it doesn't have to be vigorous but 30 minutes a day is recommended. Again, choose something you love otherwise you won't stick with it!

Spiritual practice can be whatever you deem it to be --- spending 10 minutes a day being thankful, going to church, a bath with candles (and you can spend time reflecting) spending 10 minutes to yourself every day gathering your thoughts -- or just being mindful in everyday situations and really being fully present in the moment -- truly connecting with people and life!

Relationships -- this includes home life, friends, loved ones -- Surround yourself with positive, like minded people who only want the best for you and you can't go far wrong -- but you must give a lot to the friendship too.

The point of this particular Blog is -- find Balance in your life! Nourish yourself from INSIDE first, and then think about your diet. As all the broccoli and kale in the Land cannot make you truly happy, unless you are satisfied in all Primary food aspects.