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by Rebecca Powell

How to keep Energy Levels up

Energy Levels

Energy is what keeps us going through the day. What we use to get us through our work, our chores and our play. 

If you are lacking in ENERGY, then day to day life isn't going to be easy!

Some people reach for coffee after coffee, High caffeine energy drinks or Sugary snacks to give them a hit and hope that will sustain them but this is wrong on so many levels!! First of all, too much coffee can play havoc on the adrenal glands and with the caffeine high, always comes the lows! It also really dehydrates you and can leave you feeling worse than before you even drank it!

Sugary snacks will give you a quick boost but it's not proper energy, it's literally a fake high and the sugar spikes your insulin levels and then you crave more and more and's addictive and provides NO nutritional value whatsoever!! Please try to avoid this!

The BEST and most natural ways I get my energy are from 1) Always having a high fat, high protein breakfast. The fats and protein fill you up and allow releasing Carbohydrates keep the hunger levels at bay and help to avoid the energy crash! 2) Never having coffee after midday -- in fact I have my double espresso upon waking and that is ME all coffeed up for the day. A fantastic alternative is MATCHA-- it contains 10 times more antioxidants than Green Tea and tastes divine in a latte. It gives you a real natural boost but without and lows. 4) MACA powder is a true superfoods. The INCA's uses it before they went into battle and it sustained them for long enough. I add a tablespoon to my oats every morning. 5) Water --- sounds too simple to even be true....but it is SO true! Water hydrates the body and flushes out all of the toxins which in turn leaves us feeling more energetic and less lethargic. 6) Eating little and often, it keeps your energy levels ticking over instead of dropping. I always carry raw nuts around with me and find they are great at keeping hunger at bay, yet provide me with enough energy until my next meal

What do you do to keep up your ENERGY?

Try my tips out and see how your Body responds