Health Blog

by Rebecca Powell

Health Coach

So as a Health COACH I studied at the School of a Integrative Nutrition in NYC, not only is it the largest Nutrition School in the World, what really makes it a stand alone is the fact that we focus on both Primary Foods and Secondary Foods (primary foods being non-food nourishment, through your Career, Relationships, Spirituality and Physical Activity. 

Energy Levels

Energy is what keeps us going through the day. What we use to get us through our work, our chores and our play. 

If you are lacking in ENERGY, then day to day life isn't going to be easy!

Some people reach for coffee after coffee, High caffeine energy drinks or Sugary snacks to give them a hit and hope that will sustain them but this is wrong on so many levels!! First of all, too much coffee can play havoc on the adrenal glands and with the caffeine high, always comes the lows! It also really dehydrates you and can leave you feeling worse than before you even drank it!

Energy Levels

So we all have them.......they palynology a huge part in our genetic make up and behaviour and feelings at times. HORMONES!!!

There are hundreds of them in our bodies but we all know the main ones and what their jobs are.

Adrenalin, Insulin, Oestrogen and Testosterone to name a few......