Who We Are

Estrella means star in Spanish and stars have this beautiful mass of energy which radiates positivity energy and a sense of warmth and hope when we look at them twinkling at us on a clear night. Estrella’s vision is to bring the same feeling of warmth and hope to people, to reassure them that it is absolutely fine to dream because dreams bring us ideas and inspirations.


At Estrella, we have a dedicated and passionate team which strives together for one purpose: bringing people from different walks of life together to promote the beauty of the Mauritian population, as well as its culture, flora and fauna.

We offer a welcoming atmosphere and are guided by the following shared values:
  • Being ‘Confidently Beautiful’
  • Feeling ‘Empowered’
  • Humility
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Innovative Mind
  • Transparency
  • Positive Thinking
Bio, Fitness, Nutrition

As we all know, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital. We are looking for ways to help the Mauritian population understand the concept of bio products and their benefits. Keeping fit should not be a chore but rather a fun way to spend time with family and friends at the beach, walking in the flora of the island, doing recreational activities and why not dancing to the Mauritian Sega beats? We are lucky to live on a tropical island where we have an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood. Incorporating more fresh produce in our diet can prevent and lower the risk of getting certain diseases.
Meditation, Spirituality, Yoga

Meditation brings us inner peace, serenity and tranquility whereas yoga helps us alleviate health issues and reduce stress. They are both part of spirituality and Mauritius is one of the rare countries in the world where so many people of different races, cultures and beliefs live together. In spite of our differences, we are all very similar as we believe in one supreme power which is called by different names in various religions. Regardless of the beliefs of anyone, the aim of spirituality is to encourage understanding and inner peace first for us so that we can understand others around us.
Fashion, Pageant, Photography

Our fashion design team has an immense bank of ideas for creating beautiful fashion garments. Mauritius has the prefect décor to showcase the different types of fashion creations as we are blessed to live in a multi-racial country. We intend to use the scenic beauty of the island and the flair of the Mauritian lifestyle for our marketing and advertising campaigns. Estrella Mauritius has also committed itself to empower the Mauritian women through an annual pageant as it gives the women a platform to voice their opinions whilst helping them to be stronger, more confident and more independent.
Charity, Environment, Unity

There are various birds, insects, flowers and plants which are endemic to Mauritius and we should all do our very best to look after our environment as we do not want to use another example of a plant or animal to match the expression, ‘as dead as the dodo’. Our CSR side of Estrella Mauritius will encourage people to recycle more and working with corporations to find ways where they can go green, thus not only reducing pollution but also reducing landfill and carbon footprint. If we are all united, we become stronger as a nation and the most important resource of a country is its people.
Ideas, Networking, Progress

Past discoveries and inventions have all contributed to make the life of humankind much easier and there are yet more things to be discovered, invented or improved. All of us have a special gift and different forms of talent should always be encouraged and pursued. With our network, we would love to encourage the future talents of Mauritius to contact the team at Estrella Mauritius so we can guide them towards their goals. The people at Estrella Mauritius has a wealth of experience, and we have all used our ideas and network to give birth to Estrella Mauritius.
Awareness, Dreams, Imagination

Children are indeed our future and what could be better for parents than to see their offsprings spend their childhood in a happy, safe and clean environment? If you think that each child is unique with his or her own personality, we are looking for ways to develop their awareness, dreams and imagination. Children should be encouraged to understand certain values in life such as unity, respect, kindness, love, compassion and tolerance. Everyone should follow their dreams as we are all here on our own life mission. Finally imagination is an important factor to make us define our future.